About Me

     My journey begins with my parents and my upbringing. I grew up in Singapore where my Father was an international businessman and my Mother owned an artisan boutique.  I remember going to trade shows with my mom where I discovered people passionate about their creations and who were selling them to retailers on large scales.  By watching my mother start a businesses of her own, with the support of my father and raw determination rather than fear,  my eyes were opened to entrepreneurship and the possibility of living a creative life. 

      I first experimented with painting while I was in college, just for fun.  When friends saw my personal art on my apartment walls they started to say, "You should sell that!" or "I want that!" but I didn't quite have the confidence to believe them yet. 

      I graduated from Texas State University with a B.A. in Communication and a Minor in Business during the great recession. After a lay off from my marketing job, I was desperate for income and started to remember some of those, "You should sell your art" comments and I thought, "I'll give this a go!"  I jumped right in and I sold my first piece through Facebook within 24 hours.  I was then commissioned within a couple weeks for my first custom pieces, and for mural work in downtown Austin, TX, and I also got a solo show at a coffee shop.  I was so proud of my achievements and sales; it was incredibly surreal but it just wasn't cutting it yet.  The income wasn’t stable and that legitimate concern scared me. 

     Then, (curve ball!), I landed a job as an international charter flight attendant for an airline that flies the military, professional sports teams, business professionals, celebrities, models, etc.  It was a wonderful 5 and-a-half year experience and I cherish the memories I made around the world with great crew members that became my dear friends. 

     Even though being an international charter flight attendant was an incredibly neat job, my heart was longing for something more fulfilling and something that would really light me up and grow with me for a lifetime. I would show my art to people  and they’d often look at me and say, “What are you doing being a flight attendant?”  I never really had an answer for that… and they were right.  I wanted to contribute to the world to my maximum potential. That goal, in-part with having my beautiful daughter, who inspires me, motivates me, and keeps me pushing led me to where I am today. 

     I finally listened to what my heart been telling me all along: pursue art and design.  I have an incredible daughter and step-daughter and I now have the opportunity to stay at home to paint and design full time!  I am happy to say I have found what lights me up, and I’m more fired up than ever before.  Being able to express myself freely, and build a business from my in-home studio allows me to be present with my daughter which is the most precious gift of all. 

About my work:

     For the past six years I have been pouring my heart and soul into my work.   All the while, I pursued and earned a degree in Graphic Design.  Piggy-backing off my graphic design skills, I learned surface pattern design and putting my repeat pattern designs on products.  I have had solo gallery shows and have been and will continue to participate at various juried art festivals.  Subscribe to my newsletter to get an invite to all my upcoming shows!

Striving to bring focus to the beauty that surrounds us in nature, I intertwine realism and abstraction to capture the spirit of our perfectly imperfect world.  I see my work as sweet, eclectic, feminine and fun.  Each piece is special in its own with intricate details such as texture, collage, epoxy resin, and mixed media, and digital art.